Michael Beech's

3D Digital Photography Books


“The most comprehensive and clear manuals on the planet 

to help you advance your skills in the art of digital 3D stereo photography, 

alignment, and presentation.”



Digital 3D Stereo Guide - $29.95




A virtual encyclopedia of digital 3D stereo information. How you can use StereoPhoto Maker, Adobe Photoshop, and other image editors to make impeccable stereos. Every step of the 3D stereo alignment process is covered and explained. Causes and solutions for every type of stereo problem are described in detail .





Mastering 2D to 3D Conversion - $24.95




Four powerful methods for converting 2D to 3D are described in detail. You will be doing conversions as soon as you read the first section. From blazing fast depth mapping (displacement mapping) to precise layer shifting, every secret is revealed. Now, anyone who can operate a mouse can convert a 2D image into a 3D .







3D Stereo Magic - $24.95



Put some "WOW" in your stereos with these eye-popping, jaw dropping, high impact effects.

Learn how to warp space, banish window violations, defy perspective, and thumb your nose at stereo window rules.

Stereo contests worldwide are being won by persons using the techniques they learned from this manual. The mystery is removed from the creation of every type of frame busting effect. Ways to avoid all WV's, reduce anaglyph ghosting, enhance your images .



The Museum At Night - $19.95

Some people say, “In the museum at night, the animals come out to play.”   What do you think?  

In this wild and wacky CD, the animals come to life and leap off the screen as they escape from their displays. The funny comments the animals make to each other will keep everyone smiling while they learn.  After viewing this flip-album of anaglyph images, your family will look at museum displays in an entirely new, fun and exciting way. 3D glasses included. For ages 8 to 80+. PC or Mac.


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