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Catskill Reveries


“The most comprehensive and clear manuals on the planet 

to help you advance your skills in the art of digital 3D stereo photography, 

alignment, and presentation.”



Sullivan and Ulster Counties, NY in 3-D - $19.95



Once nicknamed the Borscht Belt, the Catskill Mountains are undergoing a transformation from a summer resort spot to a year-round residential area. As a result the region, with it's diverse population is witnessing an economic rebound.

This CD-ROM takes you to this beautiful, heavenly environment where you'll visit the villages, farms, and the people that are such a unique slice of Americana.


Nine Days in Cuba - An Adventure in 3-D! - $19.95


This, the revised Version 2.0 provides many visual enhancements over Version 1.0. Utilizing the FlipAlbum (R) concept, pictures and text appear in a "book" containing pages that realistically flip like a real volume.

As in a true book, a Table of Contents, an Index, and even thumbnails of each stereoscopic image is included.

Unlike the first release, pages bend and cast shadows as they are turned! Also, some of the pictures have been enlarged to two-page spreads for dramatic impact.

You'll get an intimate peek at Cuban society and everyday life, exploring factories, schools, hospitals, and even the elegant National Cemetery.



Sullivan County, NY in 3-D - $9.95


This CD-ROM is ABSOLUTELY FREE with the purchase of both the "Sullivan-Ulster" and "Cuba" CDs.

This colorful software contains twenty 3-D views, with each scene beautifully framed. Special 3-D glasses are included. Item may be purchased separately for $9.95 plus shipping.

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